Bestact Solutions manufactures highly reliable power reed switch, Bestact and its built-in products such as I/O Relays, Multipole Relays, Limit Switches, Magnetic Proximity Switches, and Selector Switches.
Bestact has been used in various application such as Railway, Steelmaking industries for more than 35 years all over the world.
We are seeking new market opportunities in such new market as safety related industries, as well as expanding in existing markets which include railway, elevators and power-supply systems as well as chemical, petroleum, and steelmaking plants.


Nikon’s absolute encoders are used as sensors optimized servo motors in the joints of industrial robots and machine tools, etc.. We offer a variety of encoders from micro-compact type, ultra-thin type, hollow type to external battery-free type. Nikon’s original communication protocol, A-format® is supported.

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Since its founding in 1962, KEL Corporation has contributed for over half a century to the advance of the electronics industry as a dedicated connector manufacturer. Our proprietary connection technology have brought forth the highest quality connectors, which are widely employed as key components in many of the essential electronics products of today’s society.


HTK, after being founded in 1932 as a precision screw machining company, had started plug and jack conectors for communication equipment. As a manufacturer specializing in interconnects/connectors, we have contributed to the development of ICT infrastructure in Japan. We are proud of our wide range of design skills cultivated over 80 years in our business, and develop products for our customers by combining our diverse knowledge and our practice of “working closely with our customers” to respond to various customer needs.
Product developed using technology and know-how of long-term reliability and robustness, that was cultivated from connectors for devices that continue to be used for a long time, such as communication equipment and machine tools, are not only used in communications and industrial fields but also in other fields such as consumer, automotive, medical and security. We will continue to contribute to the development of society by creating products that are unique to “HTK” for new markets.

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Susumu Co., LTD was established in 1964 as an R&D oriented venture business, which was then rarely found in Japan.
Since it’s foundation, Susumu has been pursuing boundless potential of Thin Film Technology and, Today, Susumu is globally recognized as a Thin Film Specialist and Technology Leader for thin film resistors dedicated to second to none quality and innovation.


Unlike conventional power line filters, Ground Line Noise Filters from GroundNite convert noise into heat (rather than reflecting it). GroundNite Ground Line Noise Filters are effective in substantially attenuating noise from 3kHz through frequencies in the multiple megahertz range.


Stanley Electric has been making high quality lighting products since 1920. The products range from LEDs, LCDs, bulbs, and lighting fixtuers which are highly reliable and some pass the automotive grade and ensure operation in harsh environments. Stanley Electric is focusing on developing high quality value added products such as infrared (IR) LEDs and ultraviolet (UV) LEDs for all industries.

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Founded in 1979, OTAX Corporation is a specialized manufacturer of industrial switches.
With “OTAX of contact technology,” as catchphrase, OTAX has advanced into product fields, such as terminal blocks and medical sensore by deploying technologies that it has accumulated in switch development and production, and has been diversifying its product lineup.


Fujikura is a global technology leader providing a wide range of Electrical and Optical products for diverse markets around the world.

They are well known for providing high quality Optical Cables, Fibres, Splicers and connectivity solutions to the telecoms market. Their high quality products are pioneering ways in specialist technologies particularly Medical Imaging Fibres, Radiation Resistant Fibres, Fibre Laser products and includes advanced electrical technologies such as Superconducting wires. Fujikura has been represented in Europe for over 25 years, and established the European base of operations in Surrey, south west of London.

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As broadband and wireless Internet services are becoming increasingly popular, various things around us are now connected to networks. While connections between humans and things are rapidly diversified, there are still several things that are difficult to connect to a network. Taking advantage of our long-cultivated know-how as a telecom equipment manufacturer, we strive to make it possible for our customers to connect their “needs” to a network. CENTURY SYSTEMS will continue to create new forms of “connections” and provide the FutureNet product series that reliably meets your requirements and responds to the changing times.

Daito Fuse

Daito has various range type of fuses that is for FA equipment, EV/HEV, Telecommunication and Medical equipment.
Especially, “Alarm indicating” fuse has indicating alarm after fuse-blown and is possible to replace easily.

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Watec is a manufacturer of compact, lightweight CCD and CMOS cameras for use in surveillance, image processing and FA systems etc. We consistently develop, design, produce, and sell products to customers all over the world, and we are proud of being the presence of attention and trust of the market as a pioneer in a miniature camera field while striving continuously to improve our products technically.

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Hagiwara Solutions is one of Japans’ major flash storage manufacturers, specializing in industrial markets. We were founded more than 20 years ago, with our headquarters and R&D center based in Japan. We provide long term reliable and stable products which you can trust. We specialize in development, design, production, and manufacturing for the highest quality products with a long track record and know how. And now, we are expanding our solution business filed with software and services.

Hagiwara Solutions has the Largest Market Share in Japan. (click on Video)

Zeroshock tablet as a super light-weight rugged tablet. (click on Video)

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