About SUN-WA

Listed Market: First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Stock Unit of Trading: 100 shares
Established: November, 1949
Head Office: Tokyo Square Garden, 3-1-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 JAPAN
Telephone +81-3-5202-4011 Facsimile +81-3-5202-4054
URL: http://www.sunwa.co.jp/
Capital: ¥3,727,000,000
Number of Issued Shares: 16,044,000

Sun-Wa has engaged in the distribution of industrial machinery, electric motors and control instruments since its founding in 1949. From post-war reconstruction of damaged industrial facilities to today, our business has grown to include distribution of electrical machinery, electronic parts and computer systems for automated production facilities (FA Systems). As a technology trading company, our customer-focused approach, world class engineering and technical information services have helped our clients achieve value-added growth and profitability. We work with our customers from early phase project development through completion by delivering cutting edge components and solutions. These projects have spanned multiple industries and have included cameras used for automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), robotics, machine tools used in the manufacture of smartphones, automated teller machines, automatic vending machines, gaming machines, pole mounted switches for electric utility system automation, and many more. We supply general purpose industrial robot systems, medical and nursing care robot systems, as well as robots used in the biotechnology field including parts and devices used in the infrastructure market, such as electric components and traffic control systems for railroad trains, including Shinkansen bullet trains. We are actively engaged in various new fields, including Internet of Things (“IoT”) and Industry 4.0 for the automatization of production equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We have rapidly been building partnerships with overseas EMS providers at the request of our customers.

Sun-Wa Corporation is an independent trading company that focuses on three product lines: electrical machinery, electronics, and general machinery, offering unique services to customers in a broad range of industrial fields.

The Electrical Machinery Department engages in the business related to electrical machinery used in industrial facilities in general. Products and services include various motors such as AC servo motors and linear motors, factory automation (FA) equipment and systems such as machine controllers, machine vision systems, power conditioners, power supply devices and electrical engineering work.

The Electronics Department engages in the sales of products from industry’s top class electronics manufacturers. Products include power supplies, connectors, sensors, optical components such as LED, various electronics components, office automation (OA) related equipment, FA systems, telecommunications and information equipment. The department also engages in the sales of assembled boards.

The General Machinery Department contributes to enhancing customers’ productivity and to society by responding to the need for energy conservation through the sales and maintenance services of industrial robots, clean robots, semiconductor and liquid crystal related manufacturing equipment, conveying devices and facilities for logistics, substrate mounting devices, various inspection devices, environmental related equipment and devices, wind- and hydro-power equipment, nursing care and medical equipment.

Special Features of Sun-Wa


  1. With an emphasis on its core electrical machinery, electronics, and general machinery businesses,  Sun-Wa, as a technology trading company, offers services ranging from the modernization of plant production equipment to the most advanced ICT, helping our customers develop their products and equipment from the development phase up to prototype manufacturing.
  2. We also distribute our customers’ products through our network involving our overseas bases, which helps deepen our interdependence and mutual trust with them.
  3. We have our in-house engineering department and quality control department, enables us to provide our customers with various services in a comfortable, reliable manner.
  4. In accordance with our Corporate principles, we are committed to workforce development regularly hire, and have paid stable dividends to our shareholders every year since the Company was founded.

Key Measures of Policies

Strengthen core businesses to help our customers manufacture additional products of excellence

  • Strengthen core businesses (sales representative business, engineering business, global SCM solutions business)
  • Promote collaboration with business partners to strengthen solution proposals

 Expand global business to support market needs

  • Hire overseas onsite personnel and strengthen organizationa l capability
  • Investigate opportunities for establishment of new bases

 Enter new business fields and accelerate sustainable growth

  • Strengthen investment in new business creation
  • Introduce “intrapreneur” (internal entrepreneur) measures to foster management personnel
  • Create new value through the “commutation” (improving efficiency) of SCM

 Initiatives to promote realization of a sustainable society

  • Promote a motivating corporate culture that enhances employee engagement
  • Implement “productivity enhancing” work style reforms through ICT utilization
  • Initiatives to contribute to SDGs
  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility (promotion of CSR and compliance)

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