For over 40 years, Contec has led the PC- based electronic measurement, control, and factory automation markets with a wide variety of interface boards, sensors, and field equipment.
Our latest innovation CONPROSYS is the result of extensive research and development aimed at providing customers with easy to start yet tailor-made solutions to IIoT.


TDK Lambda is one of the world`s leading manufacturer of power supplies and part of japanese TDK group since 2005.
A wide range of products is combined with worldwide located offices, extensive application support and assistance at EMC and safety approvals.
The product range includes AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters from 1,5W up to 15kW.
The main focus is put on modular power supplies that can be configured individually for each customer`s requirements, standard mounted power supplies for industrial applications, DIN rail power supplies for switch cabinets, programmable power supplies up to customised solutions.


Yaskawa Electric has always provided support to the leading business across the ages by transforming as “a MOTOR manufacturer”, “an AUTOMATION company” to “a MECHATRONICS company” based on its management philosophy of contributing to the development of society and the welfare of humankind through the performance of its business since the establishment in 1915.
Their core businesses are servo motor, controller, AC drives and industrial robots using these core technologies to the full, and evolve mechatronics by the use of digital data. They achieve revolutionary industrial automation and are committed to contributing to solve customers’ business challenges.


As the provider of Electro Mechanics Solution, that integrate control technology with machine and electronic technology, MinebeaMitsumi Inc. is engaged in unique, “only one” manufacturing that combines a broad range of advanced technologies – from high precision machine processing technologies such as bearings, to motors, sensors, semiconductors, and wireless technologies – to expand the realm of common sense by creating new value through difference. They continue to strive to create products that will contribute to and loT society where all things are connected.
Their high-precision components are used in many essential to modern homes and offices, including information and telecommunications devices and automobiles. MinebeaMitsumi Inc., established in 1954 with plants all over the world, manufacture products, such as Machine Components Segment, Electronic Devices and Components Segment, Mitsumi Electric Products, U-Shin Products, and many others.

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